Krude Productions We Are Professional, Competitive And Competent In Our Service
We provide high-quality services that are aimed at creating new work environment for our clients!
Our people are true experts in industry, and that is why we deliver world-class solutions to any size projects in every country.
  • Pipeline

    North America’s growing demand for oil and natural gas delivery drives us to constantly improve the way our pipelines are conceived and constructed.

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  • Drilling

    KPI is recognized throughout North America and around the globe as the industry leader in both land and marine horizontal directional drilling (HDD).

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  • Tunneling

    KPI has more than 40 years of experience constructing water mains and storm and sanitary sewers through the use of, boring, tunneling and pneumatic hammer (piperamming) construction methods.

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  • Asset Management Solutions

    Carver PA Corporation is a sister Corporation of Krude Productions Incorporated. Carver's technical understanding of production systems and equipment performance has positioned us very well to develop and deliver technical services.

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About Us

  • Krude Productions Incorporated (KPI) is a subsidiary of Mraiche Holding Corporation. It is an established underground utility construction contractor, with more than two decades of experience, leading the industry with innovative methods in pipeline construction, horizontal directional drilling, and tunneling.

    Clients value our expertise and advanced technologies. We stand out because of our commitment to creative efficient and original solutions to the most challenging construction projects. KPI is a leader in the responsible development and reliable and safe operation of North American energy infrastructure.

Our Vision, Mission & Values


To become the leading global energy infrastructure company, we strive to execute on our current portfolio of large, attractive projects and initiatives and to continue to work to cultivate a high-quality portfolio of future growth opportunities, exceeding our customers’ expectations by continually setting the global standard for quality, safety and environmental stewardship in utility and infrastructure construction.



To be the foremost provider of innovative construction solutions and value for our clients in their mission to serve the growing utility and infrastructure requirements of their customers around the world.

Powerful and effective cooperation lasting for years KPI stives to be your partner in achieving your goals in the time frame you require. Contact us today