Pipeline Construction Overview

North America’s growing demand for oil and natural gas delivery drives us to constantly improve the way our pipelines are conceived and constructed. KPI stands at the forefront of the pipeline construction industry as a diversified pipeline construction contractor with unmatched experience, critical expertise, innovative solutions, care for the safety of our people and the environment, and the right equipment to get the job done every time.

At KPI, we offer a unique set of pipeline services unmatched anywhere in the oil & gas industry. We can provide: pipeline construction, integrity service and subcontractor management.

  • Pipeline Construction

    We are experienced in the construction of 2 in. to 60 in. pipelines including mainline cross country construction utilizing mechanized or manual welding methods in a variety of geographic terrains encompassing prairie, muskeg, heavily forested and mountainous regions.

    KPI’s current capacity includes two mainline spreads of modern pipeline construction equipment. We can also provide qualified inside plant construction, handling above and underground piping in and around oilsands related mines, SAGD and upgrader facilities.

  • Pipeline Integrity Service

    If your pipeline infrastructure is already in place, look to KPI for non-destructive examination of pipe and/or hydrostatic testing of operated pipeline to certify their ability for continual service.

    Our pipeline integrity services include:

    • Investigative digs
    • Hydrostatic retests
    • Pipeline conversions (gas to oil and vice versa)
    • Replacements
    • Sleeve/Clock springs installation
  • Subcontractor Management

    We are able to self-perform most required activities, but also have the capability and experience to outsource many unique or specialized activities to our network of qualified subcontractors. It is often the smartest and most cost-effective solution for managing maintenance and small project work across a broad geographical area.

    KPI has offered our subcontractor management service since 1993, and in each instance we dispatch the most appropriate subcontractor based on cost, location, availability and safety to best serve our client’s needs.

    The benefits of choosing KPI for subcontractor management include:

    • Single point of contact for procurement of all subcontracted work
    • Management of subcontractor info, records and reports
  • Mainline

    KPI has the capacity to simultaneously construct multiple mainline spreads in Canada. KPI and our parent Mraiche Holding Corporation has been involved in some of the largest pipeline projects in North America –TransCanada Bison, Enbridge Woodlands, Keystone, Kinder Morgan Rockies Express (REX) and Enbridge Energy’s Alberta Clipper and LSr, Southern Access and Southern Lights. Our involvement in pipeline work involves more than 1600 kms of 20-inch, 30-inch, 36-inch and 42-inch pipelines.

  • Station Construction

    KPI has the resources internally to self-perform or manage the entire station construction project – mechanical, electrical, civil and painting. Count on KPIs qualified professionals to build your next project.

    • Compressor and Pumping Stations
    • Meter and Regulator Stations
    • Storage Facilities
    • Civil and Electrical
    • Foundations
  • Pipeline Maintenance

    KPI Canada has the manpower and equipment necessary to perform a full range of Pipeline maintenance activities including:

    • Investigative Digs
    • Pipeline retesting
    • Pipeline recoating
    • Valve replacement and servicing
    • Section replacement
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