Services Overview

At our heart, we’re a diversified construction company, made up of teams of people who are proven in their industries. All working to design, build, transport, operate, and maintain projects globally.

KPI is the partner that your project needs. From modest to massive, we move it forward. We’ve serve our clients with new and resourceful methods and concepts, transforming the underground construction industry in the process.

  • Pipeline

    North America’s growing demand for oil and natural gas delivery drives us to constantly improve the way our pipelines are conceived and constructed. KPI stands at the forefront of the pipeline construction industry as a diversified pipeline construction contractor with unmatched experience, critical expertise, innovative solutions, care for the safety of our people and the environment, and the right equipment to get the job done every time.

    At KPI, we offer a unique set of pipeline services unmatched anywhere in the oil & gas industry. We can provide: pipeline construction, integrity service and subcontractor management.

  • Drilling Overview

    Krude Productions Inc. provides High Performance, High Value equipment, personnel and support services to customers drilling onshore oil and natural gas wells around the globe.

    As one of the largest oilfield service providers in North America. We cover a broad geographic base and have comprehensive conventional and unconventional resource play coverage.

    We have access to a versatile fleet of approximately 350 land rigs capable of drilling from shallow to very deep wells with extended-reach capability. We also have fabrication capability and a breadth of equipment, including well servicing rigs, to customize solutions to meet the challenges of climate, geography, geology or logistics of simple or complex drilling projects. Customers appreciate our solid team of knowledgeable engineers and experienced crews as well as the advanced technology and well-maintained equipment that maximize drilling efficiency, resulting in lower operating costs.

  • Tunneling

    KPI has more than 40 years of experience constructing water mains and storm and sanitary sewers through the use of, boring, tunneling and pneumatic hammer (piperamming) construction methods.

    A leader in tunneling, KPI has pioneered a method of underwater retrieval of our remote-controlled tunnel-boring machines. We are experienced in constructing underground utilities in virtually every type of soil or rock formation. We continue to perfect and advance our methods of construction, enabling us to work in all conditions.

  • Physical Asset Managment Solutions

    Carver PA Corporation is a sister Corporation of Krude Productions Incorporated. Carver's technical understanding of production systems and equipment performance has positioned us very well to develop and deliver technical training, recruitment and consulting services.

    Learning to teach, teaching to learn is our longing. Carver is a forward thinking company that does not shy away from innovation to bring our clients solutions that matter. We strive to be your partners in excellence what we bring to the table is trust and responsibility in all relationships and make you realize your organizations full potential.

Powerful and effective cooperation lasting for years KPI stives to be your partner in achieving your goals in the time frame you require. Contact us today